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The Advantages of Drum Soybean Roasting Machine

The drum type soybean roasting machine is suitable for roasting chestnuts, peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts and other dozens of food. It has the advantages of environmental protection, heat preservation, heat insulation, time saving, high yield, etc. Currently, it is the most ideal and advanced nut roasting equipment. The automatic peanut roasting machine is made of stainless steel with stable mechanical properties. It adopts all closed belt transmission, rational structure, low power consumption, high efficiency, safety and hygiene. This nut roasting machine is easy to operate and materials can be mixed evenly. 
drum soybean roasting machine
1. In the automatic roasting process of soybeans with peanut roasting machine, chestnuts are roasted in a semi-closed drum the the water evaporation is less. In the process of roasting, small amount of sweet water can be added. 
2. Due to the sealed relative temperature inside the cylinder, the temperature and humidity are higher that the roasting effect is better with short roasting time, quick and thorough roasting effect. It can improve the soybean production rate and the profit can be increased by 1.2-2% to improve the economic benefit. 
3. The cylinder of automatic peanut roasting machine rotates constantly that ensures uniform roasting of chestnuts in all sides. There is no need for artificial auxiliary turning and chestnuts have golden red color and fragrant aroma after roasting. 
4. Discharging of chestnuts is also convenient just by pressing the reverse switch, which is energy saving and clean.

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