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Peanut Butter Production Process

Peanut butter is good chance for making profit, but the process of peanut butter is too complex and complicated, if you want batch production, here is peanut butter production line for your selection. If you want small scale peanut butter production, one set peanut butter grinder machine will meet your demand.
Peanut Butter Production Process
Following is the peanut butter production process:
Peanut kernel - Roasting - Cooling - Peeling - Sieving to pick out bad kernels - First peanuts grinding - Fine grinding paste - Homogenization - Filling into bottles.
Peanut Butter Processing EquipmentMain Practice
1. Baking: Heat the peanut roaster oven to 160 ℃, keep 40 - 60 minutes, peanut kernel inside and outside has the same color, no anxious burnt phenomenon.
2. Cooling and sieving: Peanut should be rapidly discharged after well roasted, cooling quickly or blow a cold wind as soon as possible. After cooling, use peanut peeling machine peel the red skin, and sieving, separate the cotyledon and germ.
3. Peanut butter grinding: Grinding the peanut butter first coarse grinding, grind into a medium fineness, and then for second fine grinding, grind into a fine smooth finished product. In the second when grinding paste with sugar or salt (sugar is 2%-3%, salt of 0.5%) and 0.05% of vitamin E.
4. Homogenization: In stirring pot, heat peanut butter to 60 - 70 ℃, and single gan add 2% fat and 1%-5% of soybean protein powder, mixed evenly. 
5. Canning, freezing: put the peanut butter into the jar, let stand around at 0 ℃ low temperature freezing.
Peanut butter production line is independent production equipment, fully automatic.This is a line can save much labour, with highly efficient production process, the production line must have multiple conveyor belt, roaster machine, cooling device, peanut dry peeling machine, peanut butter grinder machine, mixer, and filling equipment.

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