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Peanut Optimal Harvest Time

peanutPeanut is generally planted in the spring, and harvested in autumn, it is important to note the harvest time, because harvest too early or too late will affect the peanut yield and quality, now the best harvest time will be recommend to you.

The best time to harvest peanut is late August to early October, this is film peanuts and outdoor peanut harvest season, the harvest time of peanut in the northern hemisphere is the annual July to September, and January to March is the best harvest time for peanuts in the southern hemisphere. In northern China, it is better to harvest peanuts  after September, and for jianghuai region where the peanut is planted in April, the most appropriate harvest time is August to September.

Different regions, different planting peanut harvest time, so the actual time according to the maturity of the peanut harvest to decide.
Judge from the plant appearance: the upper leaves become yellow, lower leaves turn from green to yellow and gradually fall off, stem and branches become yellow-green.
Judge from legume mature appearance: the peanut shell is turquoise and hardening, net vein texture deepen and clear, inner sponge of peanut shell is shiny dark brown.

Notice on the peanut harvest:
Peanuts are generally on sale or processed in type of dried peanuts. Restricted by science and technology, the farmers in the process of drying peanuts is given priority to the traditional natural drying in the sun, when the weather is sunny, that generally need a week to 10 days, if meet with wet weather, the quality of drying will be affected, and peanut will be moldy, the commodity value will be lower, so during the harvest and dry period you should pay attention to the weather forecast, take measures to prevent from the rain and moisture. For harvested peanuts, we can offer kinds of peanut processing machine to you, such as peanut shelling machine, peeling machine, etc. you can make peanut butter, peanut brittle, peanut candy, or other peanut products.

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