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Function of Peanut Butter Cooling Machine

Sesame Butter Cooling Machine
This sesame butter cooling machine is mainly used to cool peanut butter, sesame butter and other low viscosity and medium viscosity products, such as nut butter, jam, honey, oil, soup, sauces, fruit purees or baby food, etc. 
The sesame butter out from Grinder has a high temperature because of strong friction and physical cut degenerating heat. The high temperature will influence the flavor and nutrition of sesame butter, so this cooling machine plays an important role in the sesame butter production line, it is usually connected with sesame butter grinder or degassing tank, lower the butter’s temperature quickly for the next process, for example, filling sesame butter process.

Working principle:
This sesame cooling machine uses heat exchange principle ---- water cooling. It lows down the product’s temperature through the circulating water sauce from water pool or nature water pipes.

Cooling effect:
The cooling effect is related with cooling machine’s length, for machines of same capacity, length longer, cooling effect better. 
Tips: In order to make cooling effect better, you should pay attention to the temperature of circulating water, if the temperature is too high, try to lower it or change the water.

Stainless steel material, ensure good quality and durable service life, and Compliant with health standards.
Use water cooling principle, cooling effect better and no environment pollution.
Easy to operate and clean, fully automatic, labor saved.
Can be used for various liquid and paste’s cooling process.
Compact structure and beautiful appearance.

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