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The Production Methods and Nutritional Value of Sesame Butter

The Production methods and nutritional value of sesame butter
1.Production methods
1.sesame should be washing clean.
2.Put sesame into pot to fry. In the beginning you should use middle fire, put sesame stir fry, and then turn to small fire, fried until you can use hand to crush sesame, sesame's color became slightly yellow, and you feel very fragrant when you eat it.
3.Fried sesame should be cooling on the stone mill,then pour into the funnel of the stone mill and adjust the flow. If flow is too large, The sesame sauce will be too thick, If the flow is too small, will dry grinding mill too.
4.Put the sesame paste into a container, such as bottles, let it cooling in the fridge.
5.Storage time should not be too long, otherwise the sesame oil will float to the top of the automatic precipitation, resulting in lower hardening effects of eating and taste.
6.Oil floated from sesame butter can not identity as sesame oil. Because sesame butter oil and sesame oil stir frying furnace is completely different, the oil smell is different too.
2.Nutritional value
1.sesame butter is rich in protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, has a high nutritional value;
2.sesame butter contains plenty of calcium. It has great benefitial to teeth and bones when you gradually eat it.
3.sesame paste contains abundant iron, it is several times higher than liver, egg yolk. Often eat not only have a positive effect on the adjustment of partial eclipse anorexia, but also correct and prevention of iron deficiency anemia;
4.Sesame butter is rich in lecithin, can prevent hair prematurely white or off;
5.Sesame butter is also an important condiment sauce of hot port. A good sesame butter could make your hotpot more delicious.
Note: due to the high calorie and fat content of sesame paste, it is not appropriate to eat for a day,10 grams per day is an safe amount.
Purchase skills: avoid picking the bottle too much oil sesame, because the less oil the  more fresh of the sesame butter.