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Sesame Paste Grinder Machine Sold To Nigeria

Nigeria customer visit our company for sesame paste grinding machine,our professional salesman janet provide the best suitable solution for our customer and discus the detail with customer to meet their satisfied. 
colloid mill grinding machine for sesame
This sesame paste grinding machine is using different shape of stators and rotors, crushing under the high circulation. Grinding the material through cutting, milling, high- frequent-shaking. The distance between stators could be adjusted and grinding by re-circulation. The machine is mainly used for grinding peanuts,almonds,sesame seeds,rice,soybean,bone,chili,pottao,tomato and so on,we have different types of colloid mill grinding machines, in accordance with the different material characteristics, production efficiency, different USES, choose different types of colloid mill to good effect.
If you are interested in this sesame paste grinding machine,want to know more about this machine,welcome to contact me with freely,or you can leave a message on opur website,i will send the machine detail and quotation to you.

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